Montreal Visual Exploration

Photoshop | PTGui | Unity3D


This is a large photography project that I completed in about 4-5 weeks. First I needed to make a custom rig at the Concordia metal shop that would hold 3  DSLR Cameras. Then I found some pieces in Canadian Tire to complete the mount. After getting my hands on 2 more cameras from the Canon Ti Series in addition to mine (ideally I needed to have the same cameras for best results), I took the whole rig to shoot some pictures.


The post production is where all the magic happens. I had 2,700 images to work with. After some testing, I designed my own automated process to stitch each frame (3 images) and then made a video with the resulting images.


Once the final Videos were made, I projected them in a 3D environment and added some controls and a simple interface to navigate through the project. The result was an Interactive Panoramic Time-lapse.


03/06 - Montreal Visual Exploration